Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is likely one of the most difficult situations your family will ever have to go through. Having a Tennessee divorce attorney at your side who is competent and who is dedicated to helping you achieve a positive result is the most beneficial thing for both you and your family.

When two people decide to end a marriage, they will need to make decisions regarding children, property, and their new futures apart. As Tennessee requires that an action for divorce be based on either irreconcilable differences (the parties’ marriage is irretrievably broken) or inappropriate martial conduct by one or both parties (which can be from adultery to verbal and physical abuse). In Tennessee, a divorce is termed “contested” when the parties involved cannot successfully come to agreements about the decisions that need to be made upon the dissolution of a marriage:

  • Child Custody – Who will be the primary residential custodian of the child?
  • Visitation – When will the non-custodial parent visit with the child, and under  what conditions?
  • Property Distribution – Who will recieve what asset, and be responsible for which debt.
  • Spousal Support – What, if any, support should one spouse recieve from the other, and for how long?
  • Grounds for Divorce – Should one party be given a divorce based on the conduct of the other?

During any divorce proceeding, but particularly in a contested divorce, the advice and support of a competent and devoted lawyer can go a long way in aiding the divorce process. While Tennessee law governs the final determinations regarding property distribution, child custody, support and the like, it should be the goal of any divorce attorney to help secure an outcome that will satisfy the client’s emotional and financial needs. At the Law Offices of Danny C. Garland, II, we are committed to just that. We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure they understand every step of this confusing and, at times, grueling process.

For most, divorce brings a time of heightened uncertainty and vulnerability. A strong, confident attorney becomes a crucial part of the process.

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