Wills & Trusts

Wills and Probate in Tennessee

Wills are the last living testament of individual’s at the time of their death. These demands generally describe plans for sharing their assets with family members and loved ones. A will can also detail how one’s funeral arrangements and remaining debts are to be settled. A will is a legally binding document. To ensure the legality and veracity of your last statements, having a¬†Tennessee attorney draw up the proper documents is essential. The time of a death in the family is highly stressful, but additional stress is unnecessary. The fights over the deceased’s property, assets, and real estate will not occur when a proper will is already arranged before your death.¬† The Law Offices of Danny C. Garland, II will work to make this the case for you and your loved ones today.

Though tragedy can strike at any moment, the thought of securing a will is lost on the vast majority of Americans. In fact, nearly seventy percent of Americans die with no existing last testament or form of will. This can lead to some confusing and painful decisions for your loved ones. The process of grief is especially taxing on the body and mind, and making financial decisions for another individual at the time is not advised. Having The Law Offices of Danny C. Garland, II draw up your will can save your loved one’s great amounts of misery and confusion at the time of your death. Though individuals may feel their time is not nearing any day soon, the great denial is in the fact that death can really strike at any moment. The responsible and intelligent response to this reality is to prepare for your demise in a legally binding document with an attorney’s aid.

Common aspects of a written will include:

  • The will is verified by two witnesses and your signature
  • The will notes how all your assets are to be distributed
  • The testator notes they are not being coerced or forced
  • The will notes this will voids all previous last testaments
  • The testator identifies themselves and notes this is their last will or requests

If you truly care for the future wellbeing of your family and loved ones, providing for them in the form of a will is the responsible form of action. If you want to secure your family and loved ones a more secure future, contact The Law Offices of Danny C. Garland, II today.

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